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Pro and Designer editions of n4ce, come with Point Cloud processing via its 3D viewer and OCT tree based custom database. This allows for rapid data access on almost any size of point cloud.  Being fully integrated into n4ce, means digitising generates features automatically in model space using the Code Table, just as normal survey detail would.

Data storage and processing is only limited by the hardware it’s run on, with billions of points easily possible once converted from its raw format. The Designer edition comes with added functionality, including sections for elevations, automatic feature recognition and profiling.

The ability to section point clouds is the primary difference between Pro and Designer, with respect to the point cloud engine.  Whilst 3D information can be digitised with ease, sectioning can provide a much clearer and more powerful view into the point cloud data.

As data is digitised in the 2D section plane, it’s automatically added to the 3D model view.  If the section view is displayed on a second screen, it becomes a very powerful and intuitive way to extract strings from scan data, even if it contains gaps and shadows.

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