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Our powerful survey processing and modelling all in one Field to Finish software suite!

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Edit Raw Obs

Traverse Adjustments

Free Station Adjustment

Least Squares Network Adjustments

Fully Featured Codetable


Reductions with Error Reporting

Point Editing Tools

Point Generation

Points From 2D & 3D CAD Drawings

Line Feature Edit Tools

Line Feature Generation

Shape Editing Tools

Advanced Line Feature Tools

Copy and Place

List Selection

Import & Export

Delete Points

Move Points

Insert Points (digitise)

Helhert 2D Coordinate Transformations

Points from CAD

Editing Height\Number\Code Text

Filtering Overlapping Height Text

Changing Point Attributes

Block Place

Point Projection and Reporting

Generate Parallel Strings

Extending Strings

Perpendicular Offsets

Apex Append

Curving\Straightening Strings

Break\Join Strings

Densify\DeDensify Strings

Constrained Battering

Regrading Strings

String Intersections

Create\Edit MX Design Data

3D Transformations for Elevations
Create DTM

Delete Triangles

Switch Triangles

Force Triangles

Feature ForceTriangles

Contour Plot And Annotate

DTM Height Shading

DTM Intersection

Group Creation

Boundary Import

Import from MX\LandXML\DWG

Merge One DTM Into Another

Generate from CSV Borehole Logs
Trend Surfaces
Bore Hole Logging
Construct Formation DTM From Groups
Haul Road Design
Construction Depths in Groups
Balancing String Volumes and DTMS with Bulking Factors
Profile Templates
To Fixed Datum

To Inclined Pane

To A Second DTM

Isopachyte Models

By Sections

Contour Volumes

Reference Other n4ce Projects

Variable Construction Depths
Datum Slices
Long and Cross

From Feature String


River Cross and Long


Built in 2D CAD view\edit

Draw Points, Lines,
Arcs, Symbols, Text

Draw Hatching\Dims

Presentation Quality Sections

Plot Section Cut Lines

Edit Section Drop Lines

Partitions with Key Plans

1pt, Rotated and Arrays
of Viewports

Plot Alignment Sections
and Tables

Drawings with Viewports

Display Triangles\Features\Contours

Image Map Textures

Image Map Aerial Imagery

3D Shapes

Export Hi-res or Tiled Geo Referenced Imagery

Import\Export OBJ & 3DS files

Fly Throughs

3D Measurments

Realtime Sectioning
View Alignment Data if present in SDB

Import from MX & LandXML

Export Part or Whole Alignment

Hz & Vt Alignment Designer
Road Templates Along Strings
Import from .ASC files

Calculate Volumes To

Include in a Section

Volume Directly
Section Directly
Update Via Second DTM
Crop\Trim\Isolate Corridor
Generate Isopachyte With
Auto Load Based On DTM Extents
Contour Plot And Annotate
Rail Overlaps


Cant Stick

Parallel Rail from Cant and Gauge


Planar Offsets

Cant Gauge Reports

Import (PTS,LAS,LAZ,E57)

Export (PTS,LAS)

Hide\Show Scan Data

Digitise in 3D

Gridded surface extrapolation

Ortho Aerial Image From Scans

Transform Scan Data

Group\ Reclassify Data

De-densify Data

Digitise in Section
Shape Detection
Ortho Elevation Image From Section
Feature Extraction

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Survey data import and processing from all modern survey instruments including total stations and GNSS. Providing building surveys, traverse, free station and LS network adjustments with error checking and reporting.

Includes a CAD editor, section creation and plotting, volumes, design and point cloud processing. Applications are available for geological modelling, roads design and river sections. I/O data formats include AutoCAD DWG, Bentley MX, LiDAR, Excel CSV and universal XML. Three editions are available; Lite, Professional and Designer.

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Point Clouds

Pro and Designer editions of n4ce, come with Point Cloud processing via its 3D viewer and OCT tree based custom database.

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This allows for rapid data access on almost any size of point cloud. Being fully integrated into n4ce means digitising generates features automatically in model space using the Code Table just as normal survey detail would.

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Data storage and processing is only limited by the hardware its run on, with billions of points easily possible once converted from its raw format. The Designer edition comes with added functionality including sections for elevations and automatic feature recognition and profiling.

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Feature Extraction Tools

Available as a payable subscription on top of n4ce Designer, the Feature Extraction toolset allows linear features and floor plans to be semi-automatically extracted from a point cloud.
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As point cloud data can come to n4ce from a variety of sources, the extraction process is heavily configurable depending on the noise and/or accuracy of the data, and the objects being extracted.

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Once the extraction pre-sets have been derived to extract the object type in question, these are then saved so that they can be recalled immediately when needed.

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