Training Events
Opportunities to learn
Our training courses run at regular intervals and are allocated on a first come, first served basis.
We can accommodate up to eight candidates per session, at our offices here in Shepshed, Leicestershire.
January n4ce Training Courses
25th January 2019 - n4ce Point Cloud Engine
24th January 2019 - n4ce Intermediate
23rd January 2019 - n4ce Beginners
We now have confirmed dates for our first n4ce Training Courses of 2019!  n4ce Beginners – Wednesday 23rd January n4ce Intermediate – Thursday 24th January n4ce Point Cloud Engine – Friday 2...
December n4ce Training Courses
14th December 2018 - n4ce Point Cloud Engine Training
13th December 2018 - n4ce Intermediate
12th December 2018 - n4ce Beginners
We now have confirmed dates for our last n4ce Training Courses of the year!  n4ce Beginners – Wednesday 12th December n4ce Intermediate – Thursday 13th December n4ce Point Cloud Engine – Fri...
Bespoke n4ce Training is available
AiC offer bespoke n4ce Training, tailored to suit your needs! We help you to get more out of your software! Bespoke means we will cover the topics you want, at the pace you want!Some suggestions of...
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