Slab Dipping – Cut and Fill identification

Software example

We get asked if n4ce can handle cut/fill calculations, and whilst the answer is of course yes, there are more issues to consider.  For example, do you want volumes of different areas and if so how do you separate them out?  We use groups here.

Another question is “can we isolate the cut and fill graphically and maybe height shade the depths?”  We use isopachytes to do this.

This case study is a special exercise to measure the volumes of material above and below a datum level on a floor slab, sometimes referred to as dipping, possibly adding a grid to identify individual highs and lows.  We’re working with a sub-base and there is a tolerance of +/- 10mm from the desired level.  The contractor is interested in identifying highs and lows outside of this tolerance.

The data used here is provided as part of a training exercise and can be accessed in the Support Portal HERE.

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