Golf Tee Box Design

Software example

This exercise looks at the design of a golf teeing box and chipping green, in a restricted area.  It’s a follow up from the original golf survey covered elsewhere in these case studies.  The same LiDAR data as described previously will be used to superimpose a new tee box and pitching green to produce both quantities and visuals used to justify the project to decision makers at the golf club.

We also took the opportunity to re-survey the practice ground to get accurate levels using GNSS and trial a newly purchased drone.  All levels agreed, and it was an interesting exercise to see how easy a drone survey was to complete.  Control targets were laid out and surveyed using GNSS and identified as part of the post-processing of the drone survey.  A bi-product was an up to date aerial photograph.  Our only issue was 15-minute battery life, so spares are essential.  We also over-exaggerated the overlaps!

The data used here is provided as part of a training exercise and can be accessed in the Support Portal HERE

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