n4ce v4.10b is now available to download!
Tuesday 18th December 2018

We are pleased to announce the release of n4ce 4.10b.

As usual, this update contains lots of new features and improvements. A short list of almost 30 are detailed below.

To update, you will need to:

1) Login and download the appropriate update from our WEBSITE Client Area.

2) If you already have a version of n4ce 4.XX installed, then all you need to do is download the appropriate Patch.  As normal, the updates are split into USB Dongle and Software Licence key versions. Please ensure you select the correct one.

Please do take the time to peruse this list. Some, if not all of these changes, will help to improve your workflows, no matter how you use the software.

1. Images generated from the Point Cloud engine and backclothed in a CAD model, can have their border committed to a polyline. Thus enabling the same image to be inserted in any generic CAD system (locking to the polyline) and so detailed up in a 3rd party CAD package of your choosing. Model View/Tools/Image Border.

2. Redraw speed of Text in general has been improved.

3. Many more CAD tools for constructing or extending Lines and Arcs have been added to Lite.

4. SYM= Attribute can be used to override a 1pt symbol plotted on a point. Thereby making it highly customisable if combined with a choice list on a survey logger.

5. Quick Hz and Vt mirror tools added to the CAD Elements menu.

6. Double click Models or CAD drawings when backclothing to select and deselect them.

7. Last used CSV filters are now remembered.

8. Curving in Leica Captivate is now read with a discontinuity at the start and ends.  This results in neater linework before and after the points.

9. 3D triangles can be imported into the CAD part of n4ce as standard 3d Polylines.

10. New Line editing CAD tools added, including Merge Fillet, Corner Insert, Segment Projection, Extend to Arcs, and lots more

11. CAD curves can now be extended to objects.

12. Auto filleting polylines is now possible in both CAD and a Survey Model.  Very useful for quickly inserting corners when digitising floor plans.

13. Can now extend lots of CAD lines to the same reference by striking a line though them.

14. Tools to commit all Survey features to CAD added. Used mainly when digitising floor plans from point clouds, when the data needs to be finished off in CAD.

15. The DTM Merge tool has been rewritten and massively improved. The previous tool was slow and could cause a crash if there was similar data in both models.

16. Holding CTRL down in CAD when Moving something, triggers a Copy operation instead.

17. New Grade in fill tool in Pro and Designer, which will grade all points along a feature between points that do have a height. So it must have valid start and end levels.

18. LandXML export to Pavers has been improved.

19. Option to generate points from Mid Points of CAD lines added.  Coupled with the Duplicate points checks, allows points to be generated from Crosses that have been exploded into two crossing lines.

20. Road marking linestyles can now be solid filled.  From the Line Styles Settings dialog, select the Road tab and enable the solid lines tick box.

21. A new 3D coordinate transformation has been implemented.  Now only 3 points are required for a full transform and rotation in 3D, but no Scaling is added. Residuals are reported, as well as an overall Sigma value to define any error in the calculation.

22. New option in Pro and Designer to Densify all features on the select List.

23. New option to create a parallel string and indicate a piece of CAD text to set the level.

24. New option to remember which direction multiple parallels need to be created. So multiple lines can be paralleled in the same direction.

25. The colours of crossed features in a section can now be used to change the colour of Code Text plotted on the profile.  Double click the Code item of annotation in the Section plot defaults to enable it.

26. Group depths can now be plotted in the Group Key.

27. When printing from a Drawing, you no longer have to zoom to extents first.

To see the full Release Notes pdf document, use this Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oyuwrjbra6z9is6/Release%20Notes%20for%20n4ce%20v4.10b.pdf?dl=0


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