n4ce v4.10 is now available to download
Monday 30th July 2018

We are pleased to announce the release of n4ce v4.10, which builds on the success of version v4.00 which was released back in March of this year. A lot of work has been done since then! Below is a list of SOME of the new features and tools, in no particular order, that we feel will help make n4ce even better and easier for you. 

Please read though this list, as no matter who you are or how much you use n4ce, one or more of these updates will definitely make your life easier!

For the complete list of new features, improvements and bug fixes, please refer to the Release Notes pdf document. You will find a shortcut to this on your desktop.

1. New Favourites menu SHIFT+F which will copy the contents of the recent commands menu (ALT+M) when you press ALT+SHIFT+F.  So, you can build up a list of the tools you use the most and have access to them all the time.  Once the commands have been set they will be remembered until updated via the same method.  If you would like to change the number of commands possible, then you will need to edit the General.ini file in the Settings folder of n4ce and change the line MaxCommands= in the [Default] section of the file, to a different number.  If the line does not exist, then 10 is assumed.

2. The codetable can now be exported for X-PAD running on GeoMAX instruments.

3. More improvements to the import and Export of DWG files.

4. Variable Width, Parallel and Offsets are now possible. A sample SDB will be available on the website to demonstrate them.  The new way allows a different line style to be specified for each side, and another for the centreline.  Thereby allowing hedges to have a boundary line down the middle separate from the hedge style.

5. 3pt text type has been added to the Alignment drop down box under the Text section in the codetable. This plots whatever the T= attribute is set to inside a rectangle defined by 3 points.  In exactly the same way a 3pt rectangle works, Text is fitted inside the rectangle.  Coupled with a choice list defined under the Fields section of a Code, and uploaded onto the instrument. This becomes a very powerful tool to add road text and the like to a drawing. Again, a sample SDB will be available to demonstrate this.

6. New upgrades to the Point Block tool in a model that allows a predefined block of coordinates to be dropped down in a model like a Cad symbol. A video will shortly be released on our website and YouTube channel, that shows the power of this upgrade when snapping windows to point cloud data.

7. When filleting line features, the point can now be moved instead of a new one being created.

8. Closed features can now be solid filled. A video will be available to demonstrate this.

9. Mirror functionality in CAD made simpler so it can be done between arbitrary points.

10. CTRL+C will invoke a Copy command.

11. Holding Shift whilst drawing a multi segment line in CAD will cycle through 45 degree arcs after the second point is added.

12. As multi segment lines are drawn, you can now lock to segments that have not actually been created.  So when drawing windows or the like, it's easy to make them square.

13. New Lines menu added in the Model view, as the Features one was getting far to big.

14. Some design tools have migrated from the Features menu to the Design menu.

15. Tangent Curve between points added in the Lines menu in a Model view.

16. New Feature parallel tools including Parallel to a segment of another line, to a point.

17. Can change\override the Symbol on a point via SYM= attribute during the survey.  Again, coupled with a choice list enables user defined symbols on any point.

18. TeamViewer added to the Help menu.

19. DWG issue fixed that wrongly reported a drawing had been created with the Student version of AutoCAD.

20. Recap RCS and RCP files are now supported in the point cloud engine.

21. Icons have been added to most of the commands in the main ribbon bar of the point cloud engine.

22. Grids can now be draped over any section, so vertical walls can have contours of deformity generated.

23. External Cloud converter program can now be setup to monitor a folder and convert to n4ce point cloud formats behind the scenes with no user interaction. 

24. Elevations in the Model view can be generated from Sections in the point cloud view, and vice versa.



To download v4.10, please visit our website and log in to the Client Area and go to the Downloads section.

Please note - You will see three different download options:

n4ce 4.10 Setup July 2018 (Software Licensing).exe


n4ce 4.10 Setup July 2018 (USB Dongle Iicensing).exe 


n4ce 4.10 Setup July 2018 Not Signed (USB Dongle Licensing).exe  


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries. 

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