n4ce USB Dongle Security Update Notification for upcoming v4.20 Release
Thursday 29th August 2019

Important notice for n4ce USB Dongle Users!

Due to specific cybersecurity threats, and with clients increasing concerns with the reliability of 3rd party application's security; the upcoming release of n4ce v4.20 will require an additional step to activate it for clients with USB Dongles.

Clients using a Software Licence (instead of a USB Dongle) already have a second layer of protection, as it was incorporated by design. 

This additional step is a one-time operation and has to be done once per USB dongle. Included with the next update will be a simple program that will program additional information on to the USB Dongle. This step requires the USB Dongle to be plugged into the PC and must be done for both Stand-Alone USB Dongles, and also Network USB Dongles. It is a straightforward and quick operation.

This email is to pre-warn of the change and full details will follow alongside the official release of n4ce v4.20.  IT departments should be informed as they may have to be involved, especially with network licences.

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