n4ce v4.40c (Jan 2024) is now available to DOWNLOAD!

5 images of n4ce software features plus the n4ce logo

Following hours of hard, Research and Development work by our n4ce “Wizards”, our latest n4ce v4.40c Jan 2024 release is now ready to download from the Client Area of our website.

This January release of n4ce v4.40c contains many new tools and features, along with improvements and fixes.

  • There have been improvements to the 3d Meshing, making it faster and significantly more accurate.
  • Our new X-ray image tool allows walls to be made far clearer when drawing up floor plans.
  • The Group key can now be made part of the Volume table.
  • n4ce can now interface directly with Trimble Connect, meaning Trimble users can upload and download data to their Trimble accounts without the need to do it manually.

You can view the v4.40c Release Notes and the January updates by clicking HERE

To update to this latest version, n4ce clients on Maintenance and Annual Renewable Licence owners can log in to the Client Area of our website and scroll down to the Downloads Section. Click on the n4ce 4.40c Jan 2024 Folder to show the installer file, then click on the installer file and follow the instructions in the Installation Wizard.

Should you have any issues logging into the Client Area of our website or you need your login details reset, please email enquiries@appsincadd.co.uk or complete the form on the Contact Us webpage.