USB dongle Surcharge Price Increase from 1st Oct 2023

A keyring containing the n4ce logo, attached to a purple USB dongle

AiC’s n4ce Perpetual Licences are available in 3 different licence formats.

USB Dongles, Software Licences and Cloud Licences.

Due to a significant price increase from our USB Dongle Supplier, AiC will be raising the USB Dongle Surcharge from the 1st of October 2023.

Current USB Dongle Surcharge:

£60 + VAT

Plus an additional £10 + VAT Postage and Packaging fee.

NEW USB Dongle Surcharge from 1st Oct 2023:

£200 + VAT

No Postage and Packaging fee.

USB Dongle Exchange Service – FOC (For Maintenance paying clients only)

Should you be looking to move away from using USB Dongles, we offer a free exchange service whereby you can exchange your USB dongles for Cloud Licences or Software Licences. USB Dongles are prone to loss, damage and theft and our other licence options reduce these risks greatly. Lost, stolen or damaged USB dongles do incur a replacement fee.

Software Licences are activated and fingerprinted to one PC/Laptop. Once activated, the Software License can then be transferred to another machine if required. Click HERE to view our Support Article detailing how Software Licences are transferred. We also offer Networked Software Licences which are installed on a Network Server, meaning the n4ce licence(s) can then be accessed by any machine connected to that server. These licences can be lost if the licence transfer is not completed correctly and are subject to theft if the machine it is hosted on is stolen.

Cloud Licences are stored on our Cloud Server and are accessed using a unique Access Key/Code in the n4ce Licence Manager or the Admin Control Centre, using any PC with n4ce installed and an internet connection is available. There is an option to detach a licence from the Cloud Server, should n4ce need to be used in an area with little or no internet. The licence can then be reattached when an internet connection becomes available. These licences can not be lost, damaged or stolen. Click HERE for more information on our Cloud Licences.

Should you wish to exchange your current n4ce USB Dongles or require more information on our licence options, please email us at