Extended n4ce Maintenance Offer on new perpetual licence purchases!

An image of the Update icon on the left, a Tech Support icon in the middle and the n4ce logo on the right hand side.

As of 1st July 2023, AiC will be including our n4ce Maintenance up to 30th September 2024 with new n4ce Perpetual Licence purchases!

This means you get extended Maintenance included with your n4ce perpetual licence purchases, free of charge!

AiC’s n4ce Annual Maintenance gives clients the benefits of:

  • Technical Support when required
  • Access to the Client Area of our website, where you can view your n4ce licence details, download the latest n4ce version and view any Support Tickets you may have raised.
  • Plus, eligibility for Discounts which can be applied to some n4ce purchases

Now is the time to buy!

The n4ce Annual Maintenance Renewal date is the 1st of October each year and is optional.

If you would like a quotation for our n4ce software or require further information, please email enquiries@appsincadd.co.uk

*This does not apply to our Renewable Licences, which continue to have 12 months of Maintenance included for the term of the lease.