n4ce now supports the direct import of RIEGL .rdbx files

a diagram demonstrating the exchange of data files between to software products
AiC is delighted to announce that n4ce now supports the direct import of RIEGL .rdbx files.
This eliminates the need to export to intermediate LAS or E57 formats first. Thereby saving a lot of time and disk space in the process!
Many thanks to Jonathan Robinson and David Foster BSc MCSFS at RIEGL for their help and support in getting this import up and running.
Our YouTube video demonstrates the import procedure for .rdbx files and goes on to use the ground extraction tool and surface meshing functions in n4ce, to extract a clean 3d surface from the LiDAR data.
To view the video, click this link – https://youtu.be/X7Q2qYxm7T4
The necessary n4ce BETA version is now available for download from the Client Area of our website, for all n4ce users on Maintenance.
If you have any queries regarding the import of .rdbx files please email Tech Support at support@appsincadd.co.uk