AiC’s n4ce Object Library Image Competition!

As you may be aware, we released our n4ce v4.30a last month, complete with our complimentary (exportable) Objects Library.

We would love to see what you can do with the new Objects, so we decided to have a little fun and hold a competition where you can showcase your use of them and win a prize! Release your inner urban planner and go to town with them! See how many you can use in 1 image! You can be as imaginative as you want to be and we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

If you need some guidance on placing objects in the 3d view, click HERE

Are you new to n4ce and don’t have a licence? Request a Free Trial HERE and join in the fun!

Once your creative juices are exhausted and your work complete, simply upload your image to our dedicated Competition webpage HERE

We will ask our Social Media followers and email subscribers to vote for their favourite image(s) Why not get your friends and family involved and ask them to vote for your submission.

All submitted images are subject to public voting and the 3 images with the most votes will be our winners! The winners will be announced on Monday 4th October and you can upload images and submit your votes up to this date.


1st Prize = An n4ce Designer Renewable Software Licence – valid for 1 year

2nd Prize = An n4ce Designer Renewable Software Licence – valid for 9 months

3rd Prize = An n4ce Designer Renewable Software Licence – valid for 6 months

Here are the essentials… the T’s & C’s

  1. To enter, upload your Objects image(s) to our dedicated webpage, using the upload form
  2. Start date Monday 6th September 2021
  3. Entries and votes can be submitted on the webpage up to Midnight on Sunday 3rd October 2021
  4. No purchase is necessary. Non-n4ce users can request a free 30-day trial to enter into the competition
  5. No cash alternative will be substituted
  6. The winners will be notified on Monday 4th October and announced on our social media accounts, unless requested not to do so. Permission will be requested.
  7. The prizes will be issued as soon as the winners respond to our contact and confirm their details
  8. The three images which receive the most public votes on the webpage will be declared as the winners
  9. In the event of a draw in votes, AiC will have the final decision on the winning images.