NEW RELEASE! n4ce v4.30 is now available to Download!

It’s FINALLY HERE… n4ce v4.30 has been released and is available to download!!

This is, without doubt, the biggest step-change in functionality over previous versions of n4ce ever!

We have poured our hearts and souls into this update! There is still so much to do, but we have to draw the line somewhere!

Just a few of the improvements include… Importing PDFs & PDF to CAD, GeoTIffs to ECW Conversion, Topcon Machine control and Magnet XML Support, Export Images in DWGs, DTM Extension, Automated Breakline extraction, Faster Point cloud engine, FBX\STL support… The list goes on and on…

Read the n4ce v4.30 Release notes HERE

The Feature Extraction Bolt-On Tools also now include the new Floor Plan Helper.

NEW YouTube Videos are available to view:

Click HERE for BreakLine Extraction – Available in n4ce Professional and n4ce Designer

Click HERE for FloorPlan Extraction – Available in the n4ce Designer Feature Extraction Bolt-On Tools

Existing Maintenance Clients can download the new n4ce v4.30 from our website now. To log in and Download v4.30 CLICK HERE

PLEASE NOTE: New Licence Authorisation Codes will be needed to authorise n4ce v4.30 on startup.  These are located in the Client Area of our website, in the Authorisation column of your n4ce Licence details.

If you have any Technical queries or Installation issues regarding our new n4ce v4.30 release, please email

For any Sales or general queries, please email