n4ce Maintenance Renewals – Early Settlement Discount ENDS 31st October 2020

It’s that time of year for n4ce Maintenance renewals!

You may be entitled to a 10% Early Settlement Discount if you pay your Maintenance invoice BEFORE 31st October 2020

If you qualify for our 10% Early Settlement Discount, you will see the details near the bottom left corner of your Maintenance Renewal invoice.


If you choose to pay online using the Pay Now option (Orange Pay Now button included on the invoice), you can over-type the payment amount with the discounted amount, as the system will automatically default to the full payment amount.

Only Maintenance invoice payments made before or on the 31st October qualify for the Early Settlement Discount.

Maintenance invoice payments made AFTER this date must be for the full amount, which is detailed at the bottom right corner of the renewal invoice.

If you have any queries regarding your n4ce Maintenance Renewal, please email enquiries@appsincadd.co.uk