n4ce v4.30 BETA with Feature Extraction Tools – Trials AVAILABLE NOW!

excited girl with n4ce logo

The new n4ce V4.30 BETA is now available for existing users to test and play with!

The two most notable visible changes are the new Custom Folders in the Project Manager and all Graphic Views now have a Ribbon Bar interface. There is also direct export to Leica DBX for surfaces and Topcon Machine control formats.
Full release notes will be available next week.

This BETA version contains our long-awaited and promised Auto Extraction tools for Point Clouds.
If you are interested in learning how they work or seeing these new tools in action, please watch the in-depth video tutorials.

The first video that extracts lane markings in road data, explains much of the theory, so please watch this one first, before viewing the others.
Lane Markings – https://youtu.be/Mi3A9rRVmrg
Crash Barriers\Walls – https://youtu.be/EOmLgOOqlXQ
Kerbs – https://youtu.be/fOMA6yeQmaM
Cables & Wires – https://youtu.be/TveOiifmL08

Because these tools are so new, we are offering an extended free trial period which finishes on the 30th November 2020.

  • The Feature Extraction bolt-on trial requires an active n4ce Designer Software Licence to run.
  • The Feature Extraction bolt-on trial will not work with USB dongle licences.
  • A temporary n4ce Designer software licence will be issued along with the bolt-on trial if an active n4ce Designer Software licence is not available to you.
  • Any Designer users wishing to test the Feature Extraction tools can request their FREE Bolt-On Licence by emailing debs@appsincadd.co.uk

All trials of the Feature Extraction engine will expire on 30th November 2020, regardless of the start date.

After the trial…
If the tools are working for you, and you would like to continue to use them, you can purchase the Feature Extraction Bolt-On for £1000 + VAT per licence.
We will also be offering the Feature Extraction Bolt-On on a hire basis, at the rate of £200 + VAT per month. (A one-off set up fee of £30 + VAT also applies)
Owners of an n4ce Designer USB Dongle will need to switch (free of charge) to a software licence if access to the Feature Extraction tools is required long term.

Request a FREE Bolt-On Licence by emailing debs@appsincadd.co.uk

* This trial is only available to n4ce Maintenance paying clients.