AiC Coronavirus update


With the unfortunate state of affairs we now find ourselves in regarding possible self-isolation and coronavirus threat, we just wanted to let all our clients know that should they have any issues working from home, and need additional licenses to see them though, we are here to help!

We will make temporary software licences available on a case by case basis at no cost to our users.

Regarding training, we are temporarily suspending all training courses both to be held at our premises, or at clients offices. We will, however, be trying to cover some of the training workloads via TeamViewer. The plan is to set up 2 to 3-hour sessions twice a day for clients who are in need of n4ce training. Whilst these are not going to be as good as a full training day, they will hopefully allow some form of training to continue as this situation evolves. This is yet to be set up and prices agreed. However, it is an option we are working to explore.

As it stands today, AIC is fully functional and there is no sign yet of any flu. However, should that change we are also able to work from home. So we do not envisage any major issues continuing to provide help and support to our clients as we all weather this storm.