AiC Recommend PC Specialist!

Image of 2 laptops and 3 desktop PC's, along with their specifications and price options

AiC uses PC Specialist Ltd for our computers and often recommends them. We genuinely feel that you get great value for money and the performance needed for mass data processing.

We have a working relationship with them, which means you can get more precise advice on what to buy.  As such, PC Specialist now has “approved by AiC” specifications, which can still be further customised if needs be.

These builds will come at a discounted rate and will be provided directly by PC Specialist’s B2B & Public Sector Account Manager, James Hampson.

Due to fluctuations in hardware pricing, the prices here are just a guide. Up-to-date pricing is available on request.

JAMES HAMPSON: B2B & Public Sector Account Manager


Tel: 01924 667 600