NEW n4ce v4.10d is now available to download!

new version release

We are pleased to announce the release of n4ce v4.10d.

Please note, if you have already downloaded a version of v4.10d prior to today (1st April), please ensure you download it again to get the very latest version. 

To update, you will need to:

1) Login and download the appropriate update from our WEBSITE Client Area.

2) If you already have a version of n4ce v4.10 installed, then all you need to do is download the appropriate Patch.  If you have any n4ce version prior to v4.10, you will need to Uninstall this and reinstall, using the appropriate Full Installer.

3) As normal, the updates are split into USB Dongle and Software Licence versions. Please ensure you select the correct one.

As usual, this update contains lots of new features and improvements. A short list of the main changes are detailed below.  

Please do take the time to READ this list. Some, if not all of these changes, will help to improve your workflows, no matter how you use the software.

1) Speed of sectioning and grouping up of large models is massively improved.

2) For Pro and Designer users, Paralleling features can now be done via the List.  At the same time, it will also read any CAD text inside the features if the “Indicate Text” option is selected, to automatically set the height of the paralleled feature.

3) Splines which were previously ignored, are now converted to polylines on import from DWG and DXF files.

4) Improved reporting when creating Isopachtye surfaces, so that one can tell more easily if groups have been used, and how the sense of the point heights relates to one surface being above another.  Look in the Source column when the Main Models folder is highlighted in the Project Tree.

5) Surplus volumes can now be taken into account when using the Design\Balance tool. Positive surplus, material to be exported, negative surplus, material to be imported to make the balance.

6) Realtime height differences between surfaces with Group depths can now be reported (via a new icon in the toolbar), when previewing sections through multiple models.

7) Sections can now be exported in the “Beach Section” format.

8) For Pro and Designer, triangles can now be automatically grouped very quickly, by using groups with special names and the slopes of the triangles in a DTM.  Group names need to be 0-1, 1-2 etc. and the last with a + character, e.g. 8+.  Values are in percentages.

9) You can now make a feature parallel to another by moving both ends to split the difference, rather than assuming one end was correct.

10) A check for enough disk space is now made before saving projects.

11) n4ce now looks for images attached to a project in the same folder as the project file, or in a folder called Images off of the project folder.

12) Alignments in Trimble RXL files can now be imported.

13) Importing of linestyles from AutoCAD with text in them has been improved, so that the text fits inside the gaps properly.

14) Annotations in Leica XML files now import as Remarks.

15) When symbols are exploded, the internal elements are now placed on their original layers, if those layers are specified inside the block.

For the complete list of new features, improvements and bug fixes, please click HERE to access the Release Notes pdf document.