AiC announce the appointment of Philip Langrishe as the new Managing Director!

Handover shaking hands

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Philip Langrishe as the new Managing Director of Applications in CADD Ltd.  Phil replaces Dr John Strodachs, who is taking a long-awaited retirement but keeping in touch through his appointment as Chairman.

Phil joined AiC straight from Loughborough University of Technology, where he studied Civil Engineering and graduated in 1998.  Phil had a strong interest in 3D computer graphics, having carried out a final research project on Realimation, a state-of-the-art (at the time) 3D visualisation package.

Phil spent his industrial sandwich year working as a setting out and site engineer for O’Rourke’s, on the huge Blue Water shopping complex near Dartford. He gained very valuable hands on experience which he brought to AiC.

Phil has authored several software products, including 4Site, our in DWG based infield data capture package.  This led to 4Site Sonar, a real time hydrographic survey monitoring system, based on a bespoke RC boat platform with internal sonar hardware, transferring live data back to shore.

In April 2015, Phil was made Business Development Director and moved over from hands on development, to the driving force behind n4ce point clouds.

Phil has shown an aptitude for problem solving and is well liked by both AiC staff and customers alike.

AiC is in safe hands!